The "Colts" Go International

Over the years the club has seen a variety of playing strips and now with our newest having been handed out to all teams we had a "warehouse" full of old shirts. What do we do with them? Keep them as dust collectors? For a while we used them as a back-up shirt until the new strips arrived.

Thanks to club stalwart David Kirley and his wife Karen, a solution to the quandary was found.

Karen’s brother does missionary work and her sister-in-law helps run the Sunshine Centre, in Cambodia, which has just started a soccer team for the the idea to send Mt Colah Colts global was born.

Thanks to Karen for the following transcript…

My brother, Rolf, and sister-in-law, Bonnie, returned to Cambodia in January with the donated Mount Colah Soccer Club soccer shirts. They have lived and worked there for 6 years.

The Sunshine Centre for Children is a Christian Care for Cambodia project in Southern Phnom Penh, serving poor families and promoting appropriate care for children in the context of families in the community. The program provides before and after school care for up to 90 children aged 3-17 years, 2 meals per day and clean drinking water, government school lessons, school uniforms and school books, medical and dental care and hygienic bathing facilities. One of the aims of the centre is also to encourage children to complete high school to improve their education and chances of getting a better job. Many do not complete high school as they are sent to work early to help support their families.

They have recently started a soccer team and the donated shirts were handed out for the children to use to train in. They were thrilled with the shirts. Attached is one photo of the children with the shirts on and another of the coaches and Sunshine centre staff with them on. What is even better is that the Sunshine Centres colours are green and yellow.

From Bonnie and Rolf…..

Last Friday, I finally got around to giving the shirts to the footy team and despite their serious looks (trying to look "cool") they were absolutely delighted with them. There were plenty left over for the coaches and staff who took shirts either for themselves or their children. It’s a pity we can’t get good quality boots for them though! The boots they got a few months ago have already fallen apart!

Mt Colah Colts, Cambodia Mt Colah Colts, Cambodia

The web site for the Sunshine centre is if anyone wants to find out more information.

Maybe next time we can help out with boots?

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