Original Junior - Ted (Eddie) Adam 9th September 2006

Hi from one of the original “Juniors” now a 59 year old senior. From memory, The Mt Colah junior Soccer Club was formed in 1957/8 mainly from students at Mt Colah Primary School. We did not win a match that year – but from then on the Under 11 were a force to be reckoned with.

We were asked to have our mothers make up our uniform top Green with two grey stripes running down the front of the "Shirt" and Green and Gold socks. We sure were a mix match of differing styles during that first year - with mothers taking it in turn to wash and iron for the next week game.

In 1958 we won at Pymble Oval the March Past which was part of the Knock Out Comp Day (Pennant Day) and in following years won the general competition and Knock Out Comp though to 1961 when some of us left school and were working on occasions on Saturday mornings. (If the Club is after history I still have my coloured Pennant - in latter years they were smaller and white on a green felt background)

Most of us went to Asquith Boy’s High and being observed playing by one of the teachers one Saturday –that solved his problem in having a ready made team for the High School.(We came second in that inter school comp for 2 years)

I note that you still have the Logo of a brown horse. That was “picked up” by us when Michael Dragic (Right Wing) remarked on the way to a match one Saturday Morning that he had seen a brown horse and we would win – we did and always looked for a brown horse on the way to matches --and we won.

The team included Eddie Adam (left wing and as the team got better- left right out), Peter Commerford, Jim Wilkes, Michael Dragic, Alan Davies, Garry Townsend, Keith Tenterfield, Lee Scott-Kemmis, W Pilgrim, David Playfair, Paul Newton, Des Naylor, George Jackson, Edward Newton---C Scott Kemmis was the President, Brian Pilgrim was coach. (sorry that’s all I can decipher from an autograph book signed by the team at a break up in 1960 presented "For Outstanding Sportsmanship during the season".)

Glad to see a web page in existence. What’s the chances of getting us “oldies“  together for a reunion? If you can track us down!

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