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Junior Team Photos

Team photos this year will be on SATURDAY 17th JUNE. The venue is Foxglove Oval, with Mt Colah Public School as a wet weather option. If we need to switch to MCPS we will advise you on Friday night.

Please note the following:


Group A, Foxglove Oval

U06 Colts 8:00
U11 Dolphins 8:15
U11 Marlins 8:30
U07 Huskies 8:45
Break 9:00
Break 9:15
U10 Panthers 9:30
U09 Eagles 9:45
U14B 10:00
U06 Stallions 10:15
U08 Vipers 10:30
U09 Ravens 10:45
U07 Kelpies 11:00
U09 Hawks 11:15
U07 Greyhounds 11:30
Break 11:45
U08 Anacondas 12:00
U12A 12:15
U15B 12:30
G10 Kangaroos 12:45

Group B, Foxglove Oval

U06 Mustangs 8:00
U13A 8:15
U11 Sharks 8:30
U08 Taipans 8:45
Break 9:00
U07 Boxers 9:15
U15A 9:30
U10 Lions 9:45
U08 Cobras 10:00
U09 Condors 10:15
U08 Pythons 10:30
U14A 10:45
U13B 11:00
U12B 11:15
Break 11:30
U10 Tigers 11:45
G16A 12:00
Break 12:15
U18A 12:30
GU14A 12:45

PHOTO PACKAGES -- Photo packages and pricing

ON-LINE ORDERING -- This year we have the option to order and pay online before the day. Use the code EMK 437 V36 at the top of the front page on the Advanced Life site. This code is unique to Mt Colac Football Club. Get in early, and save yourself some time on Saturday!

PAY ON THE DAY -- If you can't place your order on-line there will be envelopes available on Saturday. Please bring the correct cash amount if paying on the day. There are no facilities to give change

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