What do you do if there is no appointed referee?


It is up to the team managers to negotiate with the opposition to appoint ‘game leaders’ or an ‘instructing referee’ for each match. In the case of U6-U7 one game leader from each team is fair. Point out that it is beneficial even for team coaches to act as game leaders because they can be on the field instructing the players (they just need to do it fairly for both sides).


When there is not an appointed referee from KDFRA for a competition match the following applies:

Basically it is up to the home team to supply a person to referee plus someone to act as assistant referee (linesman). If the home team hasn’t got someone to referee than the opposition may offer someone to do it. The same person should referee the entire match.

*Please refer to COMPETITION FOOTBALL REGULATIONS ‘2.11.2 Process in the absence of one or more match officials’ for full details and procedure for Men’s Football.